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We’re Pretty Good At This Whole Tech Thing…

You can take our word for it or you can see what just a few of many Evolution clients have to say. Below are some examples of what happens when the “good enough… ain’t enough” approach is applied. Suddenly “satisfied’ customers become clients whose expectations have been greatly exceeded.

Regarding Evolution Systems Macro Trend Forecasting:

“Evolution Consulting is the GOLD standard in the world of predictive analysis and programming. Nick Ruiz and his Evolution Team are the best and most honest analysts I have worked with. Their track record of analysis is unparalleled.  I give them my highest recommendation.”


Regarding Forensic Email Communication Analysis:

“I find Nick Ruiz and the Evolution Consulting team’s forensic work on the subject email to be both credible and accurate.”

Regarding Evolution Systems Applied Data Analysis:

“Nick is my go to guy when I really need substantive insights into all things related to Information Technology.  He lives and breathes today’s modern matrix.  I highly recommend him to anyone eager to find a trustworthy data analytics partner who really knows his stuff.”

Regarding Forensic Email Communication Analysis:

 “Nick’s technical and forensic analysis of the subject emails is quite thorough and clearly proves it to be valid.”

Regarding Evolution Systems Applied Data & Trend Forecasting:

“Nick and his team did in depth market research that pointed out specific niches where I find quality clients. To say this is such an understatement: They showed me details of how my clients live, think and speak. This allows me to connect with them in ways my competitors can’t even imagine. These guys have deep and abiding insights and proprietary software that puts them in a class of their own.”