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The Evolution  |  Of Evolution

What happens if you let a small group of ambitious developers loose with an extremely simple goal that in many instances require outrageously complex solutions? Simply put, Evolution happens. Over a decade and an unimaginable amount of effort later, Evolution Systems continue to set new standards in trend / data forecasting accuracy.

Additionally, Evolution Technology & Systems continues to grow as a unique leader in boutique end to end IT and business solutions. As the demand for qualified and capable technology ecosystem / infrastructure management continues to grow at an ever increasing pace, Evolution is able to play a greater role in the development, sustainability and stability of a wide range of enterprises.

Learn more about the development of our signature in house trend & data forecasting tools known as “Evolution Systems” in the timeline below.

January 2010
I Got An Idea...
What If?...

The very first conceptualizations of "Looking Glass" functionality are developed along with a programmatic philosophy that would become a cornerstone of Evolution Systems.

April 2011
Build Files Have Been Written...
Hello World.

The first functional version of "Looking Glass" data scraper / ingest tools were successfully compiled. Later in 2011 "Looking Glass" would begin genereating it's first query / string / linguistic specific output data sets.

August 2012
Export Results To File?
"Holy Shit It Works"

The first forward looking / forecasting datasets are generated with specific predictive linguistic components. Defined metrics are also generated marking the first "commercially applicable" output from the "Looking Glass" system.

December 2013
Welcome To Pittsburgh
Yinz Like It Here?

Evolution relocates to Pittsburgh, PA and with that, the first purpose built hardware elements of what would become the Evolution Systems are put into development.

April 2014
All Systems Check
Let's Go Around The Horn...

The first of several long term,  intense test of concept phases of Evolution Systems & the "Looking Glass" program base begin. These tests include measuring scalability, speed, accuracy, as well as refinement of output / data sets.  Through this entire process, the "Looking Glass" core program components are refined, adjusted, and optimized. This marks the first time any output from the system would be seen by the public. It was presented in both print as well as during interviews with the development team.

October 2015
Lets Light This Candle
All Systems Go

Following the extensive series of proof of concept / test of concept runs (and associated adjustments / refinements), the first "production ready" version of Evolution Systems is brought online. The data outputs from the first several production trim runs are sold in research / journal publication format to the public.This production version is ultimately designated "Evolution 4.0"

August 2016
We Actually Did It
We're In Business

The first research and data harvesting / analysis contracts are secured through Evolution's existing network of contacts and IT / Support customers. This is also the first time that Evolution Systems are run with a rudimentary GUI. The results we're beyond customer and even developer expectations in terms of granularity and accuracy.

May 2017
*Spoiler Alert* We Went Big
Go Big Or Go Home

Evolution secures a number of larger scale research and analysis contracts including a state level political campaign effort. This would mark the first of several occasion where Evolution Systems research beat far more established sources using more traditional data gathering and analysis methods.

July 2019
Speed & Power Solve Many Things
Ultra Accurate

The second iteration of Evolution Systems are brought online. This variant is known as "Evolution Ultra". Taking lessons learned from the original Evolution 4.0 system, Ultra leverages the rapidly expanding "platform of everything" systems such as Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure. This variant of Evolution Systems is optimized for the increasingly affordable / available "compute on demand" options that exist in the cloud.

March 2021
Evolution Unlimited
"This Is Gonna' Be Insane"

Following two years of successful production usage & refinement of both Evolution 4.0 and Evolution Ultra, a third variant is brought online designed: Evolution Unlimited. In essence, Unlimited is a hyper-scaled version of Ultra which has been developed exclusively for in house use. Client access to Unlimited is by invite only. The system has proven since its inception to be a "laser cannon" (in the words of our dev team) in so far as speed and forecasting / analysis accuracy.

August 2023
The Evolution Of Evolution
To Boldy Go...

Having recently celebrated the decade anniversary of the first Evolution System's production runs, the evolution of Evolution continues. The development team continues to make incremental improvements to these systems to ensure that they represent one of the most accurate trend / data forecasting systems on the planet. Additionally, Evolution's other services such as end to end IT management, app / software development, and business automation services continue to grow along side these amazing systems.