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Evolution 4.0 | Summary

We will preface this description of the 4.0 system with the analogy what we have used in countless radio interviews to “quickly” describe how Evolution Systems work:

“Imagine walking into a huge meeting room or banquet hall in a vacuum of reality whereupon you have absolutely no idea what the event or meeting you are attending is all about. By listening to portions of various conversations, observing dress, body language, and demeanor, as well as other metrics… one can begin to make more and more educated logical inferences as to what is going on. In the instance of Evolution 4.0, the entire internet is our banquet hall / meeting room. By scraping as much data as possible from dynamic / diversified / time sensitive sources, we are able to not only provide current situational analysis, but also provide forward looking research that is unmatched by any forecasting / data mining system.”

While this is a very simplistic analogy to describe the otherwise very complex inner workings of the Evolution systems, it also happens to be 100% true. In fact, the very concept of 4.0 (and ultimately Ultra) were designed around the otherwise very simple concept of “Will there ever be enough information (dynamic content) on the internet to paint a truly accurate picture of not only the present, but also the future. A collective sentiment and intent engine as it were known. After several years of development, including a five year long test of concept phase, we can say confidently now that yes, it is possible.

Once again, by using public, available dynamic content (including dynamic social media), Evolution 4.0 is able to find far more than simply “key words”. 4.0 is able to find “relevant dynamic intent with context”. The “context” portion of that statement being perhaps the most important, and from a programmatic sense, the most difficult. Given the fact that in a speed of information age, language evolves at an ever increasing rate, 4.0 is able to compensate for “slang usage” and other “deeper level linguistic contextual use components”. What does that mean? More accurate and more relevant research which provides a far more clear picture of any of the topics we research.

In addition to wide range or specific contextual searches, Evolution 4.0 is able to provide real time metrics monitoring of any number of key search parameters. This means that those looking to “gauge” the effect of political, advertising, and other dynamic / ongoing campaign efforts can be provided with consistent updates regarding a wide range of metrics. This provides the ability to fine tune various linguistic components of ones campaign efforts to ensure maximum results. Is it cheating? No. But it may as well be. 

Because of the near infinite configurations / applications that Ultra and 4.0 can be set up for it is difficult for us to list all of them here. That is why we encourage those interested in the fair use application of either system to make use of the contact us form on the corresponding contact us page. However, some examples of proven practical / advantageous  applications (including through our multi year long test of concept phase):

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