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From deep level data driven trend forecasting to end to end managed IT solutions, Evolution has got you covered. We take exceptional pride in providing professionals the tools they need to succeed. 

App & Web Devlopment

Learn more about how custom built software and web applications can accelerate your business.

E2E Managed Solutions

Technology is great... when it works. We take care of that last part for you and your business.

Business Automation

Do a whole lot more with what you already have. Automate business processes to maximize potential.

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And So It Began...

Learn about the evolution of Evolution.

Click to learn more about how a simple idea and a hobby programming experiment turned into one of the most accurate, world class, data driven trend forecasting systems on the planet. 

What Can Evolution Do?

Enough To Help Our Clients Achieve Their Goals And Then Some...

  • Full IT Support

    You've got problems, we've got solutions. Evolution is proud to offer end to end IT support for individuals and businesses. Custom tailored plans available.

  • Tech Consulting

    We get it. The whole tech thing can be confusing. As it turns out we're really good at alleviating that confusion and getting to the part where stuff works.

  • Business Dev

    Most people cannot imagine the joy we derive from helping our clients launch and grow their online business ideas. Spoiler alert: We're very, very good at it.

  • Custom Software

    One size does not always fit all. Learn how custom developed systems can provide serious advantages over your competition (and make life a lot easiser too).

  • Automation

    Do a whole lot more with what you already have by using process / task automation. Consider it a force multipler on the business battlefield.

  • Data Analysis

    In addition to forward looking trend forecasting, we also offer large scale data set analysis. What kind of data? That's the part where you tell us.

Next Level Boutique Data & Trend Forecasting

Providing Unimaginable Insight At A Fraction Of The Cost

  • A Decade Of Accuracy

    We started in 2011 and we haven't looked back since. Evolution Systems continue to evolve and provide our clients an unmatched insight into a myriad of topics.

  • A Proven Winner

    Evolution Systems come with a fully documented track record of trend, data, and event forecasting accuracy. Don't take our word for it, check our the testimonials from our clients or better yet, request a whitepaper!

  • Limitless Applications

    What are Evolution Systems for? You tell us. The insights these systems can offer are quite literally limitless and they are adaptable to nearly any industry, marketspace, or project.

Adapt And Overcome Through Automation

Learn how Evolution can help your business overcome many of the hazards associated with hiring and staffing in today’s contemporary work environment. 

Check Out What Our Valued Clients Have To Say About Evolution

Their Words... Not Ours.

"I find Nick Ruiz and the Evolution Consulting team's forensic work on the subject email to be both credible and accurate."

J. Kirk Wiebe Former NSA Sr. Intel Analyst / Whistleblower

"Evolution Consulting is the GOLD standard in the world of predictive analysis and programming. Nick Ruiz and his Evolution Team are the best and most honest analysts I have worked with. Their track record of analysis is unparalleled. I give them my highest recommendation."

Dr. Dave Janda Author and Host of Operation Freedom

"Nick and his team did in depth market research that pointed out specific niches where I find quality clients. To say this is such an understatement: They showed me details of how my clients live, think and speak. This allows me to connect with them in ways my competitors can't even imagine. These guys have deep and abiding insights and proprietary software that puts them in a class of their own."

Susan Blais Owner, Susan Blais Insurance

"Nick is my go to guy when I really need substantive insights into all things related to Information Technology. He lives and breathes today's modern matrix. I highly recommend him to anyone eager to find a trustworthy data analytics partner who really knows his stuff."

Patrick Colbeck Former MI State Senator, Aerospace Engineer

"Nick’s technical and forensic analysis of the subject emails is quite thorough and clearly proves it to be valid."

Bill Binney Former NSA Technical World Director / Whistleblower
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How Long Will My Project Take?

Admittedly, that's a good one. The truth is each project we undertake is unique in so many ways that to give even a vague, "ballpark" answer is essentially impossible.

What about cost?

Again, another good one. That depends, like time to completion, on an infinitely wide range of variables. What we can say is that unlike other developers we do not do "per hour" pricing. We understand that is a commonly abused practice and something very difficult for a client to track. Instead we quote each project as a flat rate such that there are no surprises, abuses of time / billing, etc. It has been said honesty is a long dead component of business... we think otherwise.

Insights By Evolution

Check out some of our publicly shared research as well as analysis on a wide range of tech topics