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Evolution Unlimited | Summary

What happens if you take a system that has been proven accurate for seven years plus and turn it loose with nearly limitless computing resources? Simply put… Unlimited happens.

Officially the third incarnation of our proprietary forecasting system, Evolution Unlimited represents the culmination of nearly nine years of research, development, and fine tuning. It also represents the first incarnation of Evolution systems to fully leverage the functionality of select AWS [Amazon Web Services] infrastructure components. In addition to being able to handle much larger data sets / linguistic / collective analysis, Unlimited is the first truly “instantly scaleable” version of Evolution Systems. What does that mean? It means that Unlimited can be instantly configured to be effective regardless of the size / scope of research to be performed.

Unlimited is also our first true “dynamic hybrid” system. Unlike previous version of Evolution, in this instance there is no individual server / static hardware dependency. Data acquisition, sorting, and analysis are performed in a dynamic cloud environment which will scale resources to the task. Output and refined analysis are then processed at the local hardware level.

The end result of this configuration is a faster, more agile, and even more effective version of a proven system. Testing on the Unlimited system began in 2018 and at present, with the final round of testing scheduled to be completed in early 2020.

At present, we have not finalized any decisions regarding the availability of Unlimited as it pertains to client / project based research beyond Evolution’s own in office proprietary research. Those interested in Evolution research are however encouraged to read the documentation regarding the two previous versions of Evolution Systems.

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