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N. Anthony Ruiz  |  Evolution Technology & Systems Founder

Beginning at a very early age, Evolution’s System Architect N. Anthony Ruiz, a former New Yorker of 32 years,  found himself enthralled by technology. Beginning with his very first computer, an Apple IIE circa 1984, his his interest in technology has only increased exponentially. Not exactly what most would describe as an “academic”, by his own admission he is more of a “give me the tools and parts and I’ll figure it out” kind of guy. Therefore, N. Anthony does not have any conventional training in technology (computer science, programming, etc). He instead opted to attend school for business management, keeping a “self taught” approach to all things technological.

He has been fortunate to consistently find ways to combine his passion for business with his deep interest in technology. Beginning  in 2001, he served a nationally recognized luxury yacht dealer as their newly founded e-commerce departments’ developer. From there he was ultimately promoted to director of online sales and business for the entire east coast’s segment of said business. In addition to developing several proprietary methods for selling inventory on at the time was “that new internet thing”, he also learned quite a bit about international business, logistics, etc. Post 2008 mortgage meltdown, he left the yacht business and attained his FINRA Series 7 and 63 securities licenses. He scored a near impossible 96% on FINRA’s Series 7 having only studied for the test for a little more than three months. It was while working in finance N. Anthony began making tremendous progress on what are now known as the Ultra and 4.0 systems. He left Wall Street in 2011 to found what would come to be known as Evolution Consulting. He now devotes all available efforts and time to further develop, refine, and provide fair use of the two most accurate forecasting systems available in the private sector.

"Despite what you've been told, and despite what you may believe...

Nick “Perky Biscuits” Taylor | Intellectual Property & Creative Development

A recent addition to the Evolution Technology | Systems team comes in the form of Nick Taylor, known to friends, gamers, and the Evolution Team by his decade old gamer tag, “Perky Biscuits. Why “Perky Biscuits”? We have no idea but it’s one of those things we just go with. In addition to being the occasional Twitch / YouTube content creator, with topics ranging from gaming to world view analysis, Nick fills several important roles at Evolution. Firstly he is our eyes and ears in the Web3 / crypto currency world, keeping the Evolution team updated on the unimaginably dynamic world of “leading edge” web3 projects / concepts. Perhaps even more importantly, he represents one of the most creative minds in terms of  intellectual property design and conceptualization on the Evolution Team. As we often say, there is “thinking outside the box” and then pretty much leveling the box and building something else in its place. “Perky” is certainly more apt to take the latter approach. Finally, and perhaps most amusingly, Nick has filled the unofficial role of “vocal talent” for Evolution Technology. He has recently provided the voice for an Amazon best selling audio book, with several other projects in the pipeline.

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