Beginning in 2013, Evolution Consulting began sharing information from what at the time were two “could be” concept systems designed to accurately forecast future geopolitical, economic, and social macro level trends. Since 2013, both systems (Evolution 4.0 and more recently Evolution Ultra) have proven to be beyond accurate. In fact, both systems have proven to be more accurate than the Evolution Dev Team could have ever hoped for or imagined. 

Both systems have been almost flawless in forecasting geopolitical and economically significant events months, and in some cases years in advance. For those that would like only a small sample of “proven accuracy” as it relates social, geopolitical, and financial trends, please feel free to take a look at our “proven forecast” page. Additionally, we are happy to furnish interested parties with white papers on both systems which feature additional examples of proven forecasting accuracy. 

Please find below brief descriptions of both systems. Interested parties are encouraged to make use of the “contact us” form to request additional information regarding both systems capabilities and functionality. Note that the Ultra system is available for use only to corporate, government, or institutional level clients. Individuals who wish to make use of the Ultra system will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Please also note that our public information sharing products do contain some research from the Ultra system.


Evolution Ultra in terms of programmatic development represents the “next level” of development  as it pertains to an already “next level” proprietary forecasting system. Effectively what Evolution has done is take all the functionality of the Evolution 4.0 system and added several layers of refinement, filtering, as well as contextual linguistic depth analysis. The end result? A supercharged version of Evolution 4.0. The best analogy we have is as such: If Evolution 4.0 is a “super-car” by automotive enthusiast definition, then Ultra is a “hyper-car”. 

Because of the sheer power of the Ultra system, not surprisingly more digital resources in the way of CPU power, storage, and other component requirements are significantly grater than that of the 4.0 system. As such, we have not yet unleashed Ultra at anywhere near its full capabilities. Through the final Test of Concept phase (two years), the results that Ultra has been able to produce even running on somewhat limited resources has been beyond any of our expectations / estimations. Even by the accolades of others, the accuracy of the Ultra system has been described as anywhere from “nearly impossible” to “downright scary”. 

As of May 2017, we are going to be assembling an entirely new hardware platform in which to install the Ultra system on. At present, both the 4.0 and Ultra systems operate on the same hardware. 

That said, much like the 4.0 system, Ultra uses a broad array of data scrape-able  sources to analyze contextual collective sentiment. Also, like the 4.0 system, Ultra can operate in “specific single or multiple search string” mode or “broad range open search” mode. This means that in addition to being able to provide topic / demographic / research specific forward looking data, Ultra can also find trends that may not be part of any search string metrics. 

Where Ultra differs from 4.0 system is in the “connection of data” application. That is to say that Ultra can take complex search data and provide ultra in-depth practical application of that information all in one search. This is exceptionally useful when researching industries and market-spaces that may not yet exist or may be “still developing”. Another important distinction of Ultra is the additional layers of “information filtering”. Unlike the 4.0 system which effectively uses “all available information across our entire search range” at all times, Ultra has been calibrated to specific search sources (which are constantly scanned and re-verified). Also, Ultra features an “auto-kill” functionality that eliminates data sources that are determined to be un-reliable, “contaminated”, or not conducive to accurate research/forecasting. This ensures that that Ultra is maximizing its functionality at all times by working with a far more pure and streamlined (and verified) dynamic data set source. 

The end result? Forward looking information that is more “depthy”, more accurate, and more actionable for our corporate and institutional clients. The range of applications for Ultra is as limitless as the system itself. Those interested in fair applicable use of the Ultra system are encouraged to make use of the contact form on the “contact us” page for additional details. 


We will preface this description of the 4.0 system with the analogy what we have used in countless radio interviews to “quickly” describe how Evolution Systems work:
“Imagine walking into a huge meeting room or banquet hall in a vacuum of reality whereupon you have absolutely no idea what the event or meeting you are attending is all about. By listening to portions of various conversations, observing dress, body language, and demeanor, as well as other metrics… one can begin to make more and more educated logical inferences as to what is going on. In the instance of Evolution 4.0, the entire internet is our banquet hall / meeting room. By scraping as much data as possible from dynamic / diversified / time sensitive sources, we are able to not only provide current situational analysis, but also provide forward looking research that is unmatched by any forecasting / data mining system.”
While this is a very simplistic analogy to describe the otherwise very complex inner workings of the Evolution systems, it also happens to be 100% true. In fact, the very concept of 4.0 (and ultimately Ultra) were designed around the otherwise very simple concept of “Will there ever be enough information (dynamic content) on the internet to paint a truly accurate picture of not only the present, but also the future. A collective sentiment and intent engine as it were known. After several years of development, including a five year long test of concept phase, we can say confidently now that yes, it is possible. 

Once again, by using public, available dynamic content (including dynamic social media), Evolution 4.0 is able to find far more than simply “key words”. 4.0 is able to find “relevant dynamic intent with context”. The “context” portion of that statement being perhaps the most important, and from a programmatic sense, the most difficult. Given the fact that in a speed of information age, language evolves at an ever increasing rate, 4.0 is able to compensate for “slang usage” and other “deeper level linguistic contextual use components”. What does that mean? More accurate and more relevant research which provides a far more clear picture of any of the topics we research. 

In addition to wide range or specific contextual searches, Evolution 4.0 is able to provide real time metrics monitoring of any number of key search parameters. This means that those looking to “gauge” the effect of political, advertising, and other dynamic / ongoing campaign efforts can be provided with consistent updates regarding a wide range of metrics. This provides the ability to fine tune various linguistic components of ones campaign efforts to ensure maximum results. Is it cheating? No. But it may as well be. 

Because of the near infinite configurations / applications that Ultra and 4.0 can be set up for it is difficult for us to list all of them here. That is why we encourage those interested in the fair use application of either system to make use of the contact us form on the corresponding contact us page. However, some examples of proven practical / advantageous  applications (including through our 5 year long test of concept phase):

  • US Domestic Equity Market Macro Forecasting (broad / index level)

  • US Domestic Equity Market Micro Economic / Specific Trade Forecasting / Analysis

  • Sector / Industry Growth & Trend Forecasting (specific sector / specific industry)

  • Geo-Specific / Geo-Demographic Specific Research (real estate commercial / residential)

  • Language & Message Campaign / Effort  Development (marketing, political, entertainment)

  • International Domestic  Equity / Credit / Fixed Income Market ForecastingSocio-Economic / Demographic Based Trends / Behavioral Trends

We once again remind those interested in the fair usage of either Evolution 4.0 or Evolution Ultra to please make use of the contact form on the contact us page for additional details. Pricing for both systems services is on a “per project” or “services retained” basis and is unique to each individual project we undertake. Additional details are available in the requisite whitepapers for both Evolution 4.0 and Evolution Ultra.