The Evolution Systems have been designed and engineered by a small group of developers with a singular goal. Develop the ultimate “forward looking” trend, event, and outcome forecasting data analysis system ever built. From 2013 to 2017 Evolution Consulting has undergone two extensive and intensive TOC (Test of Concept) and POC (Proof of Concept) phases. The development team chose to conduct both of these TOC/POC phases publicly in the interest of “proven results” and commercial viability. As of June 2017, Evolution Consulting and the Evolution Systems will be transitioning into a third (and far more time consuming / lengthy) third “development through production” phase (prior to full production release).

This third development stage will not feature “public information sharing” / “public research sharing”. The decision was made in March of 2017 by the development team to keep the third production-development stage private. With that in mind, the Evolution Development Team remains as committed as ever to providing their respective clients with the absolute best research possible as they continue to further refine / develop the Evolution Systems. Those who wish to contact the Dev Team are encouraged to make use of the “contact us” form on the appropriately marked page. 


Beginning at a very early age, Evolution's System Architect N. Anthony Ruiz, a former New Yorker of 32 years, found himself enthralled by technology. Beginning with his very first computer, an Apple IIE circa 1984, his his interest in technology has only increased exponentially. Not exactly what most would describe as an "academic", by his own admission he is more of a "give me the tools and parts and I'll figure it out" kind of guy. Therefore, N. Anthony does not have any conventional training in technology (computer science, programming, etc). He instead opted to attend school for business management, ...
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Here we see some of what we have come to call “the adventures of the dev team”. Who says “programmer geeks” don’t have a sense of humor and don’t get out enough… Truth be told, as we mentioned in the Evolution Travel Journal section, a lot of the research we do at Evolution does require travel, field trips, and otherwise “getting out of the office”. Be it for HUMINT gathering, research verification, generally learning about stuff, or “just because we need a vacation”… the dev team does travel quite a bit. We consider that just another level of value added / quality control for the research / forecasting information that we provide. On the same note, we are quite thankful to the various organizations that have provided VIP tours / access to the Evolution Dev Team for both research as well as for enjoyment!