As chief designers and developers of the Evolution 4.0 software, we are able to bring a level of timely, accurate trend forecasting information that simply put, has never been seen before.  Be it economic, social or geopolitical, Evolution Consulting is able to offer actionable, practical insight to those to make fair use of its services.  While we have been offering our services on an exclusive level thus far, in the wake of recent events involving a variant of the Evolution 4.0 software, we have made the decision to offer some of our services to corporations and professional individuals.

Here at Evolution, we are constantly striving to improve the hardware and software that powers the Evolution 4.0 system in order to offer our clients even more accurate,  insightful trend analysis and forecasting information.  We encourage those interested in the services of Evolution to browse our consulting pages which go into some detail as to how Evolution and its hardware / software system can help individuals and organizations achieve levels  in their respective business fields.


The goal of Evolution Consulting is very simple: To provide the best trend forecasting and global analysis that there has ever been.  Additionally, to provide fair-use of the Evolution 4.0 system to those who are best able to make use of the information our system discovers.

We are proud to work with various components of industry, technology, science and more to create a better tomorrow through information that we can acquire today.

In addition to providing our clients, and more recently our subscribers with the best level of trend forecasting information we can, we also work diligently to perpetually improve the Evolution 4.0 proprietary forecasting system. The continual improvement of our system means that as Evolution 4.0 evolves, so does the quality and accuracy of the information we are able to discover with it.